ChikChat® is about inspiring and equipping teen girls to live a healthy lifestyle.
Through our live events at gyms and health clubs, our magalogs that promote health-conscious and beautifying products, tips and stories, and our fitness segments on our upcoming video series, we help young women make healthy choices in all areas of their lives.  Through our events, young teens learn that true beauty comes from the inside, and they gain knowledge and have access to products and tools that also leave them feeling beautiful on the outside.
Alexa James is the creator and host of our ChikChat® events and media services.
She is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor that loves leading the workout segments of our workshop.
She's also the author of several books created exclusively for ChikChat® and is a musical performer and actress.
Her bubbly personality is as big as her curly red hair and she sets a solid example as a role model and someone who just loves to love on and inspire teen girls. Her aim is to inspire a healthy self-esteem and boost confidence in the girls she teaches, and equip them to make ongoing healthy choices in their attitudes, nutrition, exercise, schoolwork, relationships, and home life, so that they can make a lasting, positive difference in the world.
 Here we will help guide you through everything about you. From latest fashion advice to the more important stuff about your health. Did you know that a lot of your emotions are based off of how you manage your body both physically and emotionally? Crazy stuff, but stay tuned and help us to help you.